Hi, guys!

My name is Anton, I am from Russia and I've spent 15 years of my life mastering the art of riding boards. 

When I was introduced to kiteboarding, it became my biggest passion. Right after the moment, when I saw a HUGE (9m Best Kahoona :) ) instructor's kite slowly rising up into the sky! I was very excited at the beginning, like most of us, but after couple of seasons on the water I've noticed that I was progressing very slow.

In fact, I was obsessed by the idea of throwing tricks with style and lots of height, but haven't succeed.

"What do I need for that?" - I thought to myself, analyzing. I realized, that first of all I needed to be able to do several (let's say 5) similar, predictable jumps in a row to master rotations and grabs with confidence. But my jumps were pretty random. It meant that I didn't have enough control.

So, I put everything on hold, except for my pre-jump techniques. I quit my job, gave up my flat for rent and left to Egypt, Hurghada to work on it. Every little sand bar, island, lagoon, peer was inspected to find just a single small area of flat water, so I could concentrate on my board's behavior. I was sneaking through egyptian construction yards, wearing fake hotel bracelets to get to hotel kite beaches. My big plastic bag was always with me, so I could put my clothes and phone in it and bury the package in the sand, in case if the beach I've chosen at that day was too deserted and unsafe. Only dogs and stranger egyptian old guys were there to judge my attempts.

At the same time I was constantly looking for an instructor to help me. I didn't have much money, but I was ready to pay my last pound to someone, who was able to reveal those damn jump secrets to me. But those I met were not very good themselves or were not able to teach.  With some time I realized that I should not focus on that pre-jump move but to dig deeper, starting with the stance.

By the end of the season at my very last ride behind the Magawish island, 2,5 km from shore, all alone, I felt, that finally I've got it.

I was wrong. And I realized that as soon as I got back home. Trying my now techniques showed, that it didn't work on choppy water at all. So I kept analyzing. Than, after a while, there was a moment of truth. Just a little tip from my friend changed everything. So....I went back to Egypt next winter to practice more! And after a couple of months, ripping perfect flat waters of Soma Bay, I finnaly have broken the code.

For some period of time I was teaching beginners, but then I realized that I want to concentrate on giving people something more valuable, since good advanced instructors are still hard to find.

Well, this is a little example of my approach to kitesurfing. I have some techniques to share with you, but I really recommend you to focus on your stance and edging, your foundation for years of real joying the progress.