What's the idea?

You've watched a video tutorial, but still struggling to master the trick perfectly. Or you just want to work on some particular aspects of your riding style. Or you like my style of teaching, but you dream trick is not covered with my tutorials. You need to get a bit of remote coaching.

How does it work?

You send me a request about that trick you would like to master. You discribe your problems with that trick or move or send me a short video of you, trying to do it. We discuss a duration of our virtual course. After that we start to analyze, what you need to learn. I will send you some debriefings of you, like that one, shown on the picture below. I will also send you short clips, filmed to help you. After that, we start it over again until you get what you want.

How much does it cost?

I will split the text information and videos into "blocks" for you to work about 1-2 weeks on the each block. After getting each block you are free to ask me any questions about it anytime, and of course we will discuss your results and watch your videos. Depending on difficulty, the price of each block is 30 USD average. It is less, than one hour of instructions on the water, with same result. Besides, you can always use the materials, you get from me, as a reference in the future.

Send me a request to or at the contact form to get your personal remote coaching.

Here is the example of a pretty simple case. Skidding and falling on the back, after landing the jump or a kiteloop. This is a frame, taken out of the short clip. After getting such debriefing and working over the techniques, it can be filmed again, so it's easy to see, if there is a progress in mastering it.