Big discovery trip along the Northeastern coast of Brazil from Cumbuco to Barra Grande.

Brazil is famous for its unique every-day-wind conditions in autumn. A lot of pro-riders gather there for training in October and November. But there are so many spots there. Flat water salty and fresh water lagoons, open water spots, crowded and deserted. How to figure one in one visit which one is the best for you?

There is a solution. A big kite trip along the coast. 5 locations,12 different spots. Become an expert of kiteboarding in Brazil. In just one trip.



1st - 2nd day - arriving to Fortaleza, transfer to Cumbuco. Kiting in Tabuba and Cauipe lagoons, Duro beach spot.

2nd - 6th day - staying at Taiba. Kiting in Taiba lagoon and Paracuru wave spot.

6th - 8th day - staying at Ilha de Guajiru. Kiting in the main lagoon and the "secret spot".

8th - 12th day - staying at Jericoacoara. Kiting on Prea, Jericoacoara, Guriu and Tatajuba spots.

12th - 16th day - staying at Barra Grande. Kiting on Barra Grande main lagoon and Macapa spot.

16th - 17th day - staying at Cumbuco on the way back to airport.



  • Full-time trip - 17 nights (17/10 - 03/11) - 1570 Euro
  • Part-time trip - 11 nights (23/10 - 03/11) - 1250 Euro

The prepayment is 50%. The rest is paid one month before the trip. Accommodation includes double rooms with breakfast. We also provide a car for 4 people and record a travel video. It is possible to book a suite or a single room (for an additional fee). Our guide, tips, advice, great company and the wind are for free!

Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancellation in 20 days before the trip - 15% withheld
  • Cancellation in 10 days before the trip - 50% withheld
  • Cancellation in 7 days before the trip - 100% withheld

All cancellations fees can be refunded 100%  if we can resell your reservation!



  • Accommodation in the hotels along the way (breakfast included)
  • Kite equipment tests
  • All transportations (rental cars)
  • Jericoacoara national park transfers (to Guriu and Tatajuba spots)
  • Video footage and final edit of the video about the trip



  • Airplane ticket to Fortaleza and back
  • Personal kiteboarding lessons with IKO certificate
  • Kiteboarding lessons costs: 60 Euro/hour, Full course (8 hours) - 480 Euro
  • Advanced individual lessons (jumps, rotations, kiteloops) including video shooting and debriefing - 60 Euro/hour



The first spot on the way from Fortaleza to Cumbuco. A fresh water lagoon. Depending on the season it is about 350 meters wide. Its depth allows you to stand in many places. Famous Toby Brauer films most of his videos here. Perfect flats, the wind is medium strong, suits for freestyle and practicing your new tricks.


The “city beach” of Cumbuco town. For many seasons this spot was hosting and still hosts PKRA and nowadays WKC kite freestyle events, though it’s an open-water spot with chop and small waves on the surface. One of the most famous Cumbuco hotels, Duro Beach, is located nearby. There you can switch from riding to having some cocktails immediately after getting back from the water.


Fresh water lagoon, which has served as a decoration for endless number of videos, telling you about pro-riders training right before they conquer the world again. The home spot of Carlos Mario the-all-mighty. The lagoon is about 450 m wide, you can stand mostly everywhere. The wind is often light here, suits good for freestyle trainings, in case if champion traffic is low and there are not too many local 6-year old hotshots, stamping handle-passes under your feet.

Some good fish restaurants on the sides of the lagoon, offering you a fresh catch.


Located far from people crowds, this lagoon is well-known among athletes, who practice regularly. Those like the young champion of everything, Mika Sol. The wind is usually stronger, than in Cumbuco, you can easily master high jumps and airstyle tricks here. It’s possible  kite in both parts of the lagoon, including that, located behind the rocky bar. It’s a remote spot, known for its own specific atmosphere.


The most famous wave spot in the surroundings of Cumbuco. Depending on the tidal phase, the reef produces waves of about one and a half meters high. There is a possibility to try some surf board riding in safe conditions here. The wind is stronger, than in Cumbuco, 7m kites are often in use. There are a lot of turtles in these waters. You can meet all the other sea inhabitants in the menu of a restaurant on the beach, where you have a possibility to have a nice lunch and a shower for you and your equipment. This restaurant, by the way, is the only building for many kilometers around.


Quite a big lagoon, that can accommodate almost unlimited amount of kitesurfers, at least more, than few numbers of nearby hotels can receive. One of the interesting details here is, that some hotels inner gardens are situated right on the beach. It means, that after having a lunch, you can make 3 steps to the storage, grab your gear and jump on the water right from the restaurant. The wind blows along the lagoon, so there are no perfect flats here, the water is covered with small chop. However, you can always hunt for flat water on the sides of the lagoon. It’s tide dependent, so it sometimes gets completely dry in the afternoon. For this case, there is so called “secret spot” and it’s 5 minutes away by the car.


This is the spot, where the wind blows always and likely stronger than anywhere along the northeast coast of Brazil. Ruben Lenten organizes his camps here in autumn and GKA world tour events are being held here as well. Open water spot with wave rolls and endless beaches. There is a famous sea food restaurant on the beach called Rancho do Peixe. People often start a downwinder to Jericoacoara from here. With a stomach full of shrimps in sour cream sauce.


The “city beach” of famous town on the sand, Jericoacoara. Because of the cape, where Jericoacoara is located, this spot has cross off-shore wind, which is quite rare for Brazil. For this reason, you can see some pure ocean swell waves, unmodified by the wind. The water is flatter than in Prea, and there are only very few kiters out on the water. It is a legendary spot, from which the windsurfing movement in Brazil has developed.


Available with 4X4 car, this spot is famous for its exotic dead forest on the beach. You can kite right in the lagoon, which is crossed with small rafts carrying cars from one side to another. If you want, you can even jump over one of them, like Ruben Lenten did. There is also another flat-water spot behind the sand bar, which shows up during low tide. One of the windiest spot on the northeast coast of Brazil.


This spot is located in the river mouth, where it falls into the ocean. This place is known for strong winds as well. The current record of Brazil for kite jump height was set here by a Core team rider. You can get by 4X4 here or by downwinding with a kite from Guriu. The only good flat water laggon in Jericoacoara surroundings. This is a very remote spot, surrounded by sand dunes.


10 minutes of donkey carriage ride away from Barra Grande town (cars on the sand are prohibited in this part of Brazil) there is one of the best spots on northeast coast of Brazil. A big lagoon behind the sand bar offers very good opportunities for flat water kiting. Small mangrove bushes inside of the lagoon are there to complete the atmosphere of a big kitesurfing playground. The strong wind and flat water allow you to work on the most impressive big airs, kiteloops and slides.


5 minutes downwind away from Barra Grande lagoon there is a spot, formed by a big number of sand bars, showing up from the water in different configurations, depending on the tidal phase. Bars vary from several centimeters to one and something meter high, they are not blocking the wind at all, it stays strong and clean, making this spot one of the best ones in whole Brazil. During any phase of a tidal cycle you can find a flat water spot here to practice your favorite tricks until you are completely exhausted. It takes about 10-15 minutes to get back upwind to Barra Grande lagoon.